Tuya Sa, “Investigating the impact of aesthetics on mathematical understanding”.

Saf Shah, on formal and informal proving, example use in mathematics, and proof construction and validation.

Loughborough University (Lecturer in Mathematics Education)

Autumn 2018, 2019 & 2020
Core Mathematics 1. Module coordinator, lecturer.
First year mathematics for electrical engineering students.            

Autumn 2019  
Methods, Philosophy and Frontiers of Physical Science. Guest lecturer.
Philosophy of Science for first year Physics students.

University of St Andrews (Associate Lecturer)

Spring 2018     
Philosophy of Logic. Lecturer.
St Andrews/Stirling Joint Programme Mlitt. Graduate Philosophy course.
Jointly planned and delivered with Kevin Scharp.

Reasoning. Lecturer.
First year introduction to logic and argumentation.

Advanced Logic. Lecturer, small-group tutor.
Final year undergraduate course.

Autumn 2017
Intermediate Logic. Module coordinator, lecturer, small-group tutor.
Second year formal and philosophical logic course.

University of Oxford (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Summer 2017 
Philosophy of Mathematics.
Oxford-style tutorial course, one-on-one, with a specially designed course syllabus.

Spring 2017
Elements of Deductive Logic. Tutor.
First year course on formal logic, delivered to two tutorial groups.

St Andrews (PhD student)

Spring 2016 
Honours Prize Seminar: “Knowing How and Mathematical Proof”.
A five-part lecture course designed and delivered jointly with Josh Habgood-Coote. We looked at modern epistemology and how it can be applied in fruitful new ways to the philosophy of mathematics.

PhD Tutor for modules on: Meaning and Knowing; Intermediate Logic; Reasoning and Knowledge; Modern Philosophy from Descartes to Kant; Formal and Philosophical Logic.

Diversity Reading List

Here you can find a link to the reading group blueprint I created for the Diversity Reading List, on the topic “People and Proofs”:

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